Human Condition

Have we lost the ability to create our own decisions?

More inputs should equal more outputs... More outputs should equal more income...

It’s an interesting thought – or rather a thought that once was there, but no longer exists because I scrolled and clicked. What if our ability to have a real thought and develop thinking skills is battered, tattered, and forever ruined due to the screen and constant fulfillment of chemical releases?

Think about it- you know as well as I do, we aren’t built like machines… otherwise we wouldn’t have the longing for something deeper in our relationships and our work… but yet, we are acting like them when all of our actions are predicated on machine like work – more, more, more.

More inputs should equal more outputs… More outputs should equal more income…

But what about the wealthy generations before us? What about the men and women of the past? Riches in gold, silver, and fine things that we can’t fathom today- rather we put that “stuff” in museums?

Did they “do more” “make more” and “create more”? What about the bankers of the past? Did they write more loans, have more meetings? Yet, they still had more money and did more than many will do today? What about businessmen? Did they do more in a day?

No… That’s the simple answer. The truth is, we’ve lost our ability to rationalize and actually create decisions through intellectual thought. We think that having 30 minutes to think, write, and deeply consume something is wasted space and time. Don’t we? I do.

Why is that we can’t just enjoy the work of thought? It’s harder than anything we’ve ever done, but it’s not because we aren’t capable. It’s because we are officially, for the first time in history, on a legal drug… immediacy.

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