an old horse’s tale

An old tale goes something like this:

One draft horse can carry (tow) up to 8,000 lbs. on it’s own, but two draft horses can do 24,000 lbs… and up to 32,000 if they started & trained together.

(Tim Mauer posted it on his blog here)
The math just doesn’t add up or make sense. Why is it that one horse can do 8,000 lbs, but two can do up to 32,000 lbs? Science offers very little in explanation other than the physics and load bearing angles of distribution- all that makes sense and is good for explanation, but how about the differentiation of 24,000 and 32,000 if they started and trained together?
That’s the angle that intrigues me because so often in my life, I feel like I’m carrying 8,000 lbs, my wife is doing her 8,000, friends doing their 8,000, co-workers, parents, siblings, and so on. Whether we accept it or not, it’s especially evident in a “my world” “my truth” mindset that a lot of us live in. It’s also one of the key factors in burnout, in loss of desire, hope, and energies of all kinds. So my question in reading and hearing this old horse’s tale (is that punny?) is simply this-
What if in one of my relationships (starting with my wife), we were starting together, training together and we could tow 32,000 and have it feel like 8,000? What if our teamwork propelled one “heavy” area in life and the burden of self-sustaining was gone?
It’s a simple what if and one that I will write about in the next post… after I go talk to my wife and load each other’s wagons.
Carry on.


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