The Secret Pill for Healthy Living

A word of encouragement can go a long way. One simple word of truth, of hope, and that’s rooted in love. It’s funny, this thing we have in our bodies, the tongue.

Christians look to the book of James often and hear him describe the tongue being the most powerful, destructing part of the body and compares it to that of a small spark starting a blaze, a small rudder on a ship determines the direction, and a bit in a horses’ mouth. It controls everything.

Others outside of a church body might think of the old “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” What a lie that was.

Words can be the only thing that truly hurt you.

It may just be a perspective or a mental state, but I tend to believe that in the same way the tongue can “set a forest on fire with a single spark,” I believe that it too can set a heart and life “on fire” in all the right ways.

All it takes is a small amount of encouragement.

Too often, the conversations in the workplace are marred by criticisms (I’m real guilty of this), conversations at home are broken by frustration and not living up to expectations, and conversations internally are often clouded by mind-made stories that just aren’t true.

What if the words we used encouraged someone? What if by just saying to someone “you did a really nice job. I appreciate your skills and gifts. We need you!” it changed the whole course of their life? What if we said to someone that’s struggling, “I know you’re struggling and that’s okay because you were made for more. You have so many talents and strengths, this is all but a small setback. I believe in you.” and we meant it?

What do you think your family would look like? What do you think your home would look like? What do you think your community, your workplace, your state, country, the world could look like?

All it takes is a simple act of sincere care for someone and to speak words of truth, of life, and of hope in them.

A small dose of encouragement can cure broken hearts, can build kingdoms, and might even change your life… no medicine can do that!

Take it from someone that has set forests on fire and burned them to the ground… starting souls on fire for life is way more fulfilling…

and a lot less hazy, no ashes to clean, and especially no lives lost.

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